Monday, November 21, 2011

A Departure From Theme

…or maybe not.  There are people who you’ve never met that, because of their art, you know and know you.  They understand what is going on in your head.  For me, Stephen King is one of those people.  Larry Munson was another.

Even if your blood doesn’t run Red and Black, it was impossible to listen to Larry call a Bulldog game and not get fired up.  His broadcasts were poetry in its rawest and most visceral form.  In all my years of listening to sports I’ve never heard anyone communicate the passion, the naked emotion of what it meant to be a fan the way Munson did.

A great heart has beat its last; the wonderful gravelly voice has gone silent.  We shan’t hear its like again.

Thanks, Larry.  You enriched our lives more than you’ll ever know.

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