Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Song of the Day

So I am looking for ways to keep us more on-task as far as posting to the blog.  We appreciate all of the great feedback we have received, but as my wife (author of a much better blog than this) reminds me, if you don't post often, they don't come to read.  You may have noticed our posts tend to be long and involved; that takes time and editing, especially for a perfectionist like myself.  In an effort to improve and to give you reason to visit more often,  we are going to try and post some shorter, easier to prepare/ digest stuff that catches our attention.  Here's one: Song of the Day (won't pretend it's going to be everyday, but you get the idea).

One of the great things about my job is I can wear headphones about 75% of the time.  This= lots of tunes, and I often think "I should post about this". Today it's the record Evil Urges by My Morning Jacket.  This is the only thing I own by them, but they have been in my pipeline of bands-to-check-out for a while.  My labmates must know when I am listening to this record; it really makes me bop my head and try to sneak the occasional air guitar.  This track, I'm Amazed, is just a fantastic rock song, turn it up an enjoy!

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