Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The E-Street Shuffle

Bruce and the Band are out on the road, and though I have yet to catch the show, all of the video I have seen shows them at the top of their game.  www.brucespringsteen.net has posted lots of very good "pro shot" videos from the tour.  A couple of recent uploads stand out.

The E-Street Shuffle was an early "holy shit" song for me when I was really getting into Springsteen. Heard it for the first time my junior year in college in Pat's car which had a great stereo, and was blown away by the ending.  It was 25 years old then, is almost 40 years old now, but sounded as fresh as ever last night with the Roots sitting in.

Bruce played Paris for the 4th of July and, fittingly, did a beautiful solo-piano version of Independence Day, one of my favorite songs off of The River.  Check it out at http://brucespringsteen.net/.  Scroll down just a bit and you will spot it.  Enjoy!  


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