Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Morning Music

Usually on Friday morning at this time I am stuck in lab meeting wondering 'dear lord, when will this end?' The last two weeks have been lab meeting free, and I'll take advantage today to post for the 2nd time this week, who knew? Amazing!

Picked up a new band through my 'Gaslight Anthem' channel on Pandora yesterday.  The Weeks hail from Jackson, Mississippi, and remind me a lot of Kings of Leon.  In fact lead singer Cyle Barnes sometimes sounds so much like KOL frontman Kaleb Followell, I had to check that The Weeks were not a side-project.  

Two songs that came up on Pandora grabbed my attention and I decided to pick up their debut record "Comeback Cadillac" this morning.  Two spins in and I really dig it.  Mostly unique, straight ahead rock with some slower songs arranged around the acoustic guitar that really stand out.  Here's what I heard on Pandora, illustrating this pretty well.  Love the hook in  'Buttons', and 'Sailor Song' is just gorgeous. 
"If love is all you had, then baby that's not bad. 
-And if love is all you got, that's a hell of a lot."  


 If you haven't noticed, I've been loving NPR lately as a source for lots of cool music stuff.  Dad tuned me into a really cool series they have going right now called "Mom and Dad's record collection" in which they interview musicians and listeners about one record they listened to at home that helped shaped their art and lives.  I really love this one, and can so see myself in that picture, even kind of looks like me! I could name a few of these from Dad's collection, but if I had to pick one that sticks out it would have to be "The Stranger" by Billy Joel.  I remember it on the Silver Record Player or on the tape deck and still love it to this day.  I marveled, and still do, at what a phenomenal lyricist he was during this period. Dad's dubbed copy of Born to Run could also certainly be considered, maybe one day this cutie will say the same thing.  Would love to hear about one album from YOUR Mom and Dad's record collection in the comments!   

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