Thursday, October 20, 2011

For the Love of Vinyl

Wanted to post this after the awesome comment my friend Ben left us on "That Silver Record Player". Hope he doesn't mind, I'm going to quote him directly because he hit it dead on. 

"I think we forget how trained our ears get to the new production styles. Plus the tactile feel of handling the jackets and the vinyl reminds me just how much value music has...and I like introducing my kids to this, as I want to make sure they understand the concepts as well. Music does not have to be disposable. Music is valuable."

Damn.  Wish I could have written that.  It's not huge, but I love my vinyl collection, love my turntable, love putting on records, for all these reasons.  I even have albums I purposely do not own electronically so that if I want to hear them I have to get the record out.

The day Clarence Clemmons died this past summer was tough.  The worst feeling was wanting to do something, but just not knowing what.  We had arrived back from out of town, Nate was asleep and Abatha was busy around the house.  Lila and I were sitting in the living room, and she was looking for some entertainment.  Come on Scott, what else?  Put on Born to Run. Then (uncharacteristically for me) I handed her the jacket, she loved it and bopped along to the music. It made us both very happy. Hopefully one day she will understand what this meant to me. 

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