Sunday, October 9, 2011


“I could easily get to the Trailways depot before she left Connecticut…but I wasn’t going to do it.  She was right, we had said a brilliant goodbye in my old station wagon; anything more would be a step down. At best we would find ourselves going over the same ground; at worst we’d splash mud over last night with an argument...

I folded her letter, stuck it into the back pocket of my jeans, and drove home to Gates Falls. At first my eyes kept blurring and I had to keep wiping at them. 

Then I turned on the radio and the music made things a little better.  The music always does.  I’m past fifty now and the music still makes things better; it’s the fabled automatic.”                                               
Stephen King, Hearts in Atlantis. 

The first time I read those words, I thought “That’s it. That is exactly what music is to me.” Dad picked up on it too, and here we are.

Welcome to The Fabled Automatic. A blog by a Father and Son about this very idea; that art, especially Rock and Roll, can be automatic. An automatic escape; from problems, from sadness, from the everyday.  An automatic transposition; a time machine to people and places long past but defined by a specific soundtrack in our ears and in our minds. And for us, an automatic link; to each other and the way we see the world. 

Here we hope to share this with you.  We have always had a lot to say to one another (and frankly, anyone who would listen) about the music we love and how it has become ingrained in our day to day existence. So naturally we thought it was time to write some of it down and put it out there for someone (or no one) else to read. We hope that what we post here is half as interesting to you as our endless conversation about music, literature and life has been to us.  Thanks for reading and enjoy. 

Scott and Kevin      

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