Friday, December 16, 2011

American Slang

Based on some recommendations from fellow Springsteen fanatics, I have been checking out a more recent Jersey-based act a little bit lately, The Gaslight Anthem.  I would describe what I have heard so far as power-punk-pop; lots of recognizable influences in their music. I really like them so far.  Last week they played the final show of their tour at the Asbury Park Convention Center; Bruce's back yard of course and a venue frequently used by the E Street Band to warm up for their own tours. Wouldn't you know, the man showed up, clearly ready to hit the road and the stage this spring.  

Proving once again that he is the man.  Great song and, to me, what the history and the future of Rock and Roll is all about.  I think the look on the the lead singers face at 3:15 just about says it all.

 Part II.  Thanks to Pat for this link.

And the reciprocal, from the same day.  The verse Brian from Gaslight Anthem takes is phenomenal.  I have sang this verse so many times at the top of my lungs in the car.

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