Monday, December 5, 2011

A Song that Always Makes Me Smile

There are an endless number of reasons to like a song, but it usually comes down to the fact that it makes you feel good somehow; it has a catchy or meaningful lyric, a pleasant melody, a scorching solo or perhaps it just plain sounds good in your ears.  Often, however, it is because it associated with a memory that is especially personal and unique to you.

I’m not a big Van Halen fan.  Eddie is a phenomenal guitarist and the band is musically sound but I never particularly cared for David Lee Roth.  He has an interesting voice but I could never get past the little shriek he does.  Truth be told, I much prefer the Sammy Hagar edition of VH.  There is, however, one VH/DLR tune that ALWAYS brings a smile to my face.

Back in about 1995 my wife and I told Scott we’d get him a twelve string guitar for Christmas.  He and I decided we would make a “Grand Tour” of all the guitar stores in northeast Atlanta over Thanksgiving weekend.  Along with Kyle, one of his best friends, we managed to visit thirteen stores in about 8 hours.  If I remember correctly we drove about 150 miles but never got more than 30 miles from home, so we spent a lot of time in the car listening to the radio. 

Someplace along the road we started talking about song lyrics and how people miss-hear them sometimes.  I mentioned legendary the Beatles lyric from “Lucy in the Sky”, “…the girl with kaleidoscope eyes” being sung as “the girl with colitis goes by”. Scott got a kind of sheepish grin on his face. “What?”

“You know that Van Halen song Jump”?  I always thought he was saying “Maxwell Jump”

I kind of ran through the song in my head; it took a couple of tries but I finally “heard” what Scott had. “Maxwell Jump” instead of “might as well jump.” I could see how he might make that mistake. I confessed I had one of those songs, too.  Steve Miller’s Jungle Love.  I always thought it was “Charcoal Love”.

We had a good laugh; by the end of the trip we decided that “Maxwell Jump” made a lot more sense than “Charcoal Love”.  As for who the hell Maxwell was and what he was doing with his back against the jukebox, I guess that’s for Scott to explain. To this day I can’t hear Jump without getting an ear-to-ear grin thinking about that guitar trip; for some odd reason I don’t get the same feeling from Jungle Love.  Maybe Scott does…


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  1. My word this video is bad. They could clearly do whatever they wanted and get massive play on MTV at this point. I envision the director for this video saying "OK guys here's what we are going to do. Go backstage, do as much coke as you want, come on back out and we will see what happens."